Clarification about test set


I would like to ask you for clarification regarding the provided test set. More precisely, in the provided queries file, it seems like each query image is mapped to only one gallery image. Is that actually the case, or should we have a one-to-many mapping (from query to gallery images)?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure? I remember more than one gallery image was there for many query images

hey! Thanks for your reply! yes, that’s true, a gallery image might be relevant to several queries, but I from my understanding each query has only one relevant gallery image. Would that be the case?

What I meant was: many query images have more than one gallery image mapped to them.

Suppose test data has C classes, each class Ci has q query images and g gallery images, then q and g both can be greater than 1.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I just double-checked, and you are right! Thanks again for the clarification! Much appreciated!