CityLearn Forecasting Track - Error Building Environment

Hello everyone,
I have made a predictor with the LightGBM Library (I have added lightgbm in the requirements.txt file). Locally everything works fine but I when I am uploading the solution it always fails in the stage of “Building the Packages and Env.” and the logs state:

e[91mERROR: Could not build wheels for lightgbm which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly
e[0mFailed to build lightgbm

The submission is: #239353, could you look into it/ did somebody had something similar?

@phil_aupke did you specify a version number for lightgbm? If you did, make sure it is distributed for Python 3.7 since the online evaluator uses this specific Python version.

Does this mean all packages need to be compatible with python 3.7? Was that documented somewhere in the descripition? Asking because I’ve spent the last few hours dealing with failed submissions.

CityLearn itself is best used with Python 3.7. It might install with later versions but not without some dependency issues from experience. I also think the AICrowd online evaluator is run in a 3.7 environment as well. So yeah, your packages should be compatible with 3.7. Also, apologies if it wasn’t properly documented!