Changelog for Round 1

Hi Everyone,

We’ve launched Round of the challenge, as you know, this comes with an updated the dataset and leaderboard. Along with this, we introduced some new major updates, as mentioned below.

  1. Prompt Engineering Track - We have introduced the option to use OpenAI API for prompt engineering based submissions. This will significantly lower the barrier to entry to make submissions. Check out latest documentation starter kit to find out how to make submissions with access to OpenAI API.

  2. Changes in function format - The generate_responses function in the agent class has an updated interface to support the prompt engineering track and gpu track simultaneously. Please make the changes to the agent class according to the new format. Check this starter kit commit for the updates to the documentation. It’s recommended that you pull the latest updates made on the starter kit to your submission repos.

  3. Removal of persona A information - The organizers have asked for the removal of persona A information from the input data. This brings the benchmark closer to a real world setting where the persona of the conversation partner may not be known. If your agent used persona A information, please update it accordingly.

hi Dipam,

Cannot see much participants, is there a chance you can cancel tournament if less participants

thanking you

Hello! Thank you for your hard work organizing this challenge!

I just have a slight question about the round system. Are we not going to be allowed to submit for the round1 evaluation after the 15th once the second round starts? Thank you!

Best, Marvin