Challenge timelines updates/clarifications

Dear all,

We just wanted to clarify a few things on the upcoming Challenge process:

  1. Leaderboard submissions will be frozen on Dec 20th – no further submissions will be possible

    • Your final submission will then be used on the holdout data – please reach out to Satya if this causes problem and we will adjust
  2. Final presentations can be submitted the week of Jan 6th. Due to perceived need based on questions, guidance coming in a separate mail tomorrow morning.

  3. Workspaces will be unavailable starting Dec 23rd until Jan 6th but will be accessible JAN 6th UNTIL JAN 10TH. (thanks Aridhia).

    • This will allow you to get data and relevant files off of them, as well as to upload your final presentation to git if you have not already done so.
  4. Once the workstations are decommissioned Jan 10th all data and code on them will disappear EXCEPT:

      i. code/notebooks should happen somewhat automatically if you participated with the leaderboard – PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU ARE UNSURE.

    • ALL NEW WRANGLED DATA OR FILES SHOULD BE TRANSFERRED TO THE COMMON SPACE – /home/workspace/files/teams/your_team_name – otherwise it will be lost. Copy it over so we can all benefit and you’ll be eligible for wrangling recognition.

Please let Satya and/or myself know if there are major concerns.

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@kelleni2 Hi, I don’t have “/home/workspace/files/teams/your_team_name” in my virtual machine. May I know how to proceed this?

Hi @ngewkokyew,

Please e-mail this issue to Aridhia team ( with description of issue and team name.