Challenge extension by 1 week

Hi everyone,

In light of the recent submission failures due to increased submission load, we have extended the timeline of the competition by 1 week. The new deadline is now 8th May 2023 23:59 UTC

Hi @dipam - I have only been able to submit 1 time per day and the mail account will not allow my emails to come through. I need this addressed asap, but have not been able to get a response anywhere. I may not be the only one running into this issue. Could you (and the team) please look into this? Thank you so much!

Error message:
Submission failed : The participant has no submission slots remaining for today. Please wait until 2023-04-30 19:34:13 UTC to make your next submission.

@crlandsc Please set debug: false in aicrowd.json, that key is not for participants. Then please resubmit.

Thanks @dipam! The challenge submission page says “You can enable “debug” mode for having quicker submission with a smaller dataset, for integration testing, those submissions score would not be counted toward leaderboard.” So that is where the confusion came from.