[Challenge Announcement] New Round, Dataset & Prizes

:wave:t3: Hello there

The new round of Multi-Agent Behavior Challenge 2022 is live!

As the Round 1 of this very unique & exciting challenge comes to an end, we are happy to share the new prizes, dataset and deadline for Round 2! :sparkles:

So, What’s New In Round-2?

Everything! In this round you’ll be given a dataset of raw overhead videos and tracking data. Rather than being asked to detect a specific behavior of interest, we ask you to submit a frame-by-frame representation of the dataset. This video dataset is unique will inspire you to try new ideas that they could not on just the tracking data. Explore the sub-tasks to know more :arrow_down:

:mouse: Mouse Triplet Video Data

:ant: Ant & Beetle Video Data

The end goal remains the same, create a representation that captures behavior and generalizes well in any downstream task.

:trophy: $6000 USD cash prize pool for the two subtasks.
:spiral_calendar: Round-2 runs till May 20 th, 2022, 23:59 UTC.
:medal_sports:Claim upto $400 AWS credits in Round-2

:notebook: Resources For Round-2

:owl:To help you get started with the two new tasks, we have created an easy to follow starter kit for Mouse Triplet Video Task & Ant Tripler Video Task.

These notebooks will help you perform initial data exploration and a basic embedding using a vision model.

  1. Mouse Triplet Video Task Starter Kit

  2. Ant Tripler Video Task Starter Kit

:video_camera: Bonus: If you want additional information on Round-2 dataset and embedding evaluations**,** watch this video.

:trophy: Prizes For Round-2

:money_with_wings: There is a $6000 cash prize pool for the new round. For top positions on the leaderboard, each task carries a $3000 cash prize pool.

:1st_place_medal: 1st on the leaderboard: $1500 USD
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd on the leaderboard: $1000 USD
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd on the leaderboard: $500 USD

:medal_sports:Bonus: Teams that beat the advanced baseline can stand to win $400 AWS credits. Details on the score to beat and the advanced baseline will be announced soon. !:stopwatch:

:fly: Chance To Present At CVPR 2022 Workshop

:writing_hand: Top participants and teams will be invited to speak at CVPR 2022 Workshop. You will get a chance to meet a panel of experts from a variety of disciplines and discuss the key goals of multi-agent behavior research. CVPR is the premier annual computer vision & pattern recognition event regarded as one of the most important conferences in its field.

Submit your model and solution as a paper to the MABe Workshop Poster session. Get a chance to present your work at the CVPR workshop by participating in Round-2.