Can't submit the submission for our college lecture project

Hi everyone,
We are group of three members from our college,
Our assignment for machine learning lecture is this challange. Our grade (AA,BB,FF etc) will be evaluated according to the performance(rank among other submission results) here.
We can’t submit any result, (submission.csv) or we can’t create team. Can you help us?
Our deadline for this lecture homework : 04.12.2020
Kind Regards.

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We will be enabling submissions for Round 1 (which is CSV based) shortly. Meanwhile, submissions for Round 2 (code-based) are open.

We will update here once Round 1 submissions are open.


Thanks for the answer

Thanks, we are looking forward to hear from you about Round1 Submissions.
Kind regards.

We want to create submission for round 1.
When we press the Create Submission button, it redirects to github.
Can we create submission by uploading csv without using github?

We can’t open this link:

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Hey, currently that button redirects to you to a starter kit that helps you make submissions for Round 2. Submissions for Round 1 are not enabled yet.