Can't make a submission

Hi, there! I want to submit my code for the “Snake Species Identification” challenge, but when I make a submission, it is not showing up in this link with any tags:<YOUR_AICROWD_USER_NAME>/snake-species-identification-challenge/issues

I can see the repository with my files on the

Following are the steps I followed:

  1. Cloned the repository using:
git clone snake-species-identification-challenge
cd snake-species-identification-challenge
  1. Made some changes in the folder to submit my own code.

  2. Submitted it:

# Add AICrowd git remote endpoint
git remote add aicrowd<YOUR_AICROWD_USER_NAME>/snake-species-identification-challenge.git
git push aicrowd master
  1. Created the Tag for submission.
# Create a tag for your submission and push
git tag -am "submission-v0.1" submission-v0.1
git push aicrowd master
git push aicrowd submission-v0.1

Even after all this, the submission is not showing up in the issues or on the leaderboard.

Would really appreciate your help on this.

Thank You.

Not sure if this might be the problem. But did you try editing aicrowd.json with your id in

“authors” : [“aicrowd-user”]


Dear @shah_jamal,
We had a small outage on the evaluator because of a spike in usage due to one of the challenges ending. We have fixed the same, and have increased the capacity of the evaluators. Please do try submitting again.

Dear all, How long did it take for you to see your submission score in the leaderboard? After the image build finished successfully, my submission has the label [waiting_in_queue_for_evaluation] since 1 day already :sob:

@mohanty Can you check the evaluator again, please?

It looks like all the submissions are in the queue.

@gokuleloop: We did have a small outage last Sunday, and some evaluations were affected.
But, looking at the stream of submissions, I do see that the submissions of the snake challenge are being picked up now.
Can you please try making a new submission now ?

@mohanty The evaluator is down since Sunday. Please look into it.

@mohanty @shivam can you look into this, please?

@EarthAI-Gramener: Can you please confirm that all the pending submissions were evaluated ?

@mohanty yes it looks like all the submissions were evaluated.

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