Cannot upload my model's weights to GitLab - filesize too large

Hello! I’m trying to upload my model’s weights to my GitLab’s repo, but I got the message:

Error uploading file: “File is too big (244.81MiB). Max filesize: 10MiB.”

Could I upload my model some other way?
Apologies if this is a simple problem - I’m very new to the world of git.

Kind regards,
Harry Walters

@HarryWalters Try

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thank you for your response kay!
I’ve tried the git-lfs, and after a lot of waiting, I saw the following in my command line.
“Uploading LFS objects: 0% (0/1), 0 B | 0 B/s”
This message has been like this for hours.
I know git can have problems working with massive binary files, but this is a crazy amount of time. Could I be doing something very wrong, or did your model also take tens of hours?

PS. are you by any chance the user ‘yak’ from CrowdAI?

same problem here. I have to say that aicrowd system is a pain, it should be easier to configure a submission, it takes more time to do this than training a model :frowning:

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Hi @leandro_a_bugnon,

Are you facing the error file size too large or the git-lfs is getting stuck for upload?

In case of file size too large, please go through How to upload large files (size) to your submission.

thank you for your uploading advice!
Here are my big takeaways for getting my weights to upload:

  • If using Windows:
    I avoided using the default command line, using the ‘git for windows’ application instead.

  • On gitlab, there is an amount of time that AICrowd can set before an upload times out. My internet connection is bad (3 - 7 mbps), so I kept getting errors when trying to upload. I went to my university (50 mbps) and had no issues uploading the file using git-lfs.

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Thanks for the inputs, I have added git for windows in the FAQ above.

We had cases where people wanted to upload files in GBs, due to which timeout was increased/removed. I will go through the current value and set it to a better value.