Can we still join this challenge?

we edit our profile and provide the needed informations. But we are not asked to fill or sign the EUA, and we can not see the dataset under the “Resources” tab*. what should we do next if we want to join this challenge? thank you

Did you solve this problem?
You need to submit the signed EUA.

Could you help me? Can i still join this challenge now? I can’t find the download link of the EUA.

Did you sovle this problem? I also can’t find the download link of the EUA.

Hi @beria-moon,

Please go to the resources section of the challenge.
You will receive the EUA forum if it is incomplete for your account, something like this:


You should be able to download & upload filled EUA using that.

I have accessed the Resources tab on thechallenge page,but i don’t receive the EUA forum.

Hi @beria-moon,

That’s interesting, looks like the font awesome icons aren’t loading up on your side.

This can definitely be a problem for some of our users. I have added explicit “Download” text in the EUA form now, so the link doesn’t vanish. :smiley:


Are you able to see that?

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Yeah,I can see it. Thank you very much to help me a lot.