Can trains change their direction?


The instructions state that

An agent can move in any arbitrary direction (if the environment permits it) and transition from one cell to the next. If the agent chooses a valid action, the corresponding transition will be executed and the agent’s position and orientation is updated.

Does this mean that an agent can change its direction of movement on any cell type?
(even if this is not usual for real trains)

For example, if a train has moved from cell A to B, can it decide to go back to A by the same transition?


Hi Marc-Oliver

The agent cannot change the direction of movement in any cell. The absolute direction/orientation of the agent changes at curves, switches. The only cell type where the agent changes direction of movement relative to the rail is at the dead-end cell. If the agent moves forward when facing the dead-end it will be turned around 180° and exits the cell where it entered the cell.

Hope this helps

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