Can I use your dataset LNDST and publish my results as an article?

This is Kaveh Moradkhani, a master’s graduated in computer science. I recently designed a deep learning model to segment images of your LNDST water body segmentation challenge as my thesis project, and I have achieved higher results than other people that have participated in this contest. Now I want to publish my results as a paper but I don’t have any documented method from others to compare my result with. Can I ask you please to send me the top methods that others have used them? higher F1 on this data is 0.96 but I get 0.98. I certainly need higher methods to compare with.
Can I use your data and publish my results as an article?
Please send me the best people of your methods so that I can compare my work with yours.
I am looking forward to your response, in advance I’m very thankful for your kindness

With warm regards,
Kaveh Moradkhani

Hi @kaveh,

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I would, first of all, encourage you to submit your submission on the challenge page itself, so you can claim your position on the post-challenge leaderboard. :trophy:

We encourage participants to share their approaches but it still voluntarily done. You can view the methods and codebases for the overall Blitz winners here: Winners Solutions 🎉
(LNDST ranks -> 1, 3, 5, 7, 8)

I guess that should help you with your work.


Thank you very much for your response (@shivam) , I’m so proud to join this great family, this is my first participation,

In fact, I have not published an article yet and I’m working on it and my thesis, but I will definitely register in that link when I publish my paper. I used a deep model for segmentation water in LNDST images and due to the lack of access to the test labels, I divided the training data and it’s labels into 2 parts(train and test set), and then I evaluated my network on the test part.
Now actually to present the results in my article I need this challenge real test labels and I surely will citation this challenge after doing my thesis and my paper evaluation. So now I need test labels. Can I ask you please to send me these true test labels?? ( I already downloaded test images)

and another question, has anyone submitted any article on this LNDST data challenge yet?

your guidance and helps will aid me a lot,
warmest regards

I sent a message above, please reply to my message


That great, we will look forward to your paper. But unfortunately, we cannot share the ground truth for the test data. You can simply make a submission and cite your submission id in the paper. Yes, there is an article on the challenge, you can find it here.


Thank you very much for your response(@ashivani)
How do I submit my output to you?
How should test photos be arranged?Do I have to sort the test photos and then output them?
Do I have to send the output file to you as a .npy?
How many days later will the summit answer?

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