Can I use GPU for prediction?

I was wondering whether I can use GPU for inference or CPU only.
It seems that if I use CPU will exceed the time limit.

Hello @Li_Xue_Han

Edit: GPUs are not available for this competition

You can use GPUs for inference. Please refer How to enable GPU for your submission? for more information on using GPUs for your submission.

Hi @Li_Xue_Han and @jyotish,

It is a bit embarrassing since I did not expect that gpu is available.
I believe that many participants have read the previous discussion from Hardware specifications, where @StefanUhlich has not mentioned the availability of gpu.
After reading Uhlich’s response, our models have been optimized in the cpu environment concerning the time limit, giving up the advantage of gpu usages.

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Hello @woosung_choi @Li_Xue_Han

Sorry, my bad. GPUs are not available for this competition. Apologies again for the confusion.


Thank you for your quick response!