Hardware specifications

What resources (cpu, gpu, memory, internet) are available from container during evaluation?

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Hello _lyghter,

here are the details about the available resources:

  • Hardware: The evaluation is run on an 8-cores machine with 32GB of main memory.

  • Timeout: There is a timeout of 240 seconds per Song.

  • Internet: There is no internet available during evaluation - however, you can install any system package using apt.txt and any Python package via requirements.txt.

As you do not have internet connection, your model should be part of the submission that you do - please refer to SUBMISSION.md for more details how to add it with git lfs.


Should the winners provide the training code for their models at the end of the competition? Will the organizers reproduce the training? If so, with what hardware and time resources?

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Hello _lyghter,

in order to be eligible for the prizes, participants are asked to open-source their submissions under a suitable OSS license. This does not mean that you need to provide your training code (but you are encouraged to do so :slight_smile: ) - you only need to publish the pre-trained model and the code of your submission.

From the challenge rules:

To be eligible for the prizes, participants will have to release the code to their solutions under an open-source license of their choice with a proper documentation. The submitted code is expected to be reproducible and should produce a similar score as on the leaderboard.