Build failure for custom conda environment. Frustrating and time consuming to debug the build failures

I exported my conda environment into file named environment.yml, included it and made a submission.
Submission throws build error. From the logs, I found that it has some existing conda enviroment installation as part of the setup and does able to upgrade it with the competitor’s environment file.

command to export the environment.
conda env export > environment. yml

Issue ::

See, uploading the csv file was easy. Not having to debug and deal with this build failures. I don’t know why you choose this way of automated submission. Kaggle still supports csv submission.

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@justmahesh: The need for code based submissions is to allow us to evaluate your models on test sets that cannot be released publicly because of legal constraints. And the need for submitting code does add a barrier to entry which we acknowledge, and we are willing to assist all the participants in packaging their code for making a valid submissions.

We will follow up on this particular issue, but we also have office hours (@jyotish : can you please share details) to help all the participants on a one on one basis.


Hello @justmahesh

We have office hours every Wednesday at 13:00 PM UTC on Discord

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I can only agree. This competition turned into an endless frustration of technical issues.

Hi @mario_lovric,

I am sorry about the hurdles in packaging your software environment. Have you managed to write a Dockerfile which can do the predictions at your end ?
Someone from our team would anyway reach out to assist you in the process.