Bug in mockapi

When using an function music_grammy_get_award_date_by_artist(artist_name) in mockapi, it doesn’t return award date but award count like another function music_grammy_get_award_count_by_artist(artist_name).

I checked the source code in apiwrapper/pycragapi.py and found that both api use “url = self.server + ‘/music/grammy_get_award_count_by_song’”. However, although I modify it to “url = self.server + ‘/music/grammy_get_award_date_by_song’”, it doesn’t work.

After checking the output log from server, I found that the server doesn’t have a log of searching “/music/grammy_get_award_date_by_song’”. so I guess the database(or kg) lacks grammy_get_award_date_by_song.

2024/5/4 19.07: Sorry, now I modify “url = self.server + ‘/music/grammy_get_award_count_by_song’” to “url = self.server + ‘/music/grammy_get_award_date_by_song’”, it works!
But I hope the official commitee can modify it in source code!

Thanks for reporting the issue! It has been fixed in the latest update.

The CRAG Team