Baseline for MMDetection

have been using Detectron2 so far for submission, but now I want to use mmdetection. If I upload model.pth generated from mmdetection using git repo of detectron2, will it be a problem? or is there any other git project that I have to clone for mmdetection?
Or can I use this repo: for mmdetection submission for round3?

I want to use newer version of mmdetection. How will I use that? Should I put the required files of AIcrowd in folder of mmdetection and push or is there any different process?

@gaurav_singhal You cannot push your model.pth (created using mmdetection) in your detectron2 repo. You will need to set up a new repository which has all the required dependencies, and also the code for taking inference.

For taking inference: I use this script which is provided by mmdetection - mmdetection/tools/ - For this, you will also need to have your config file in your repository.

I hope this helps you.

Clone mmdetection and then copy the files to your submission repo. And then you can write scripts for executing inference

python3 mmdetection/tools/ <CONFIG_FILE_PATH> <model.pth> --format-only --options "jsonfile_prefix=./results"

executing this gives you your desired results in json format.