Any way to get access to this dataset for teaching?

The agreement one signs to get access to the dataset says you cannot use it for any purpose other than creating a submission to the challenge, and cannot redistribute it in any way. This prevents me from using the dataset as an educator, sharing it with my students, and asking them to do exercises with it. But it would be a fabulous dataset for use in the classroom. Is there any version of the dataset that the original authors would consider sharing for non-commercial/non-profit use, such as in an educational setting?

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Hi @nathan_carter,

Please reach out to the Spotify team for your use case.

The emails along with the research paper are available here:
Recsys Challenge 2018: Automatic Music Playlist Continuation : Spotify Research.

Thanks @shivam. I’m interested in using the dataset as well (for a portfolio project to learn more about machine learning). It’s odd that the terms are so restrictive because Spotify has said that the dataset will be available “for non-commercial, open research use”: The Million Playlist Dataset… Remastered : Spotify Research.

I looked at the link you provided but couldn’t find any email addresses. Could you provide the right contact email for questions about using the dataset? Thanks!

Hi tommcd09 and nathan_carter. From the terms and conditions, the “Challenge Result” is defined as:
“any result, outcome, creation, submission, or other output, arising from your use of the Spotify Data, whether or not publicly available or shared with Spotify.”
The intention is that most non-commercial research and educational use cases fall under this definition, and should be allowed by the terms. Please note that redistributing the dataset is prohibited, access is only through the AICrowd website.
Thanks for your interest, I look forward to seeing the result of your and your student’s work!

Thank you, that’s very helpful!