Any tips on how to avoid Aridhia crashes / error 519 restarts?

Are there any suggestions on how to avoid Aridhia crashing/freezing up all the time and/or getting the constant error 519s? Maybe there’s something obvious I’ve not tried, yet, but I’m getting these problems in the office on the docking station, at home via VPN and at home without being in the Novartis network (and my home internet is pretty good). Or is this just the Aridhia generally having unstable/unreliable systems and there is nothing we can do?

@rodrigobarnes - would you like to comment on this one or reach out, or should we redirect directly to the MS team chat channel instead?

Hi @kelleni2,

I’m not aware of this happening for any workspaces other than the one which Bjoern is using. @bjoern.holzhauer Please can you send a mail to and we will investigate the problem with your machine.


I’ve now send an email to the Aridhia Service Desk. Today’s top-1 error is “514”. Got that about 3 times in the last hour.