Any information on how the final insights should be submitted?

Is there any information, yet, on how the final insights (presentation, notebooks etc.) should be submitted and whether the timeline is any different than for the predictions? We tried to see whether we could find this information somewhere, but could not seem to locate this.

cc: @kelleni2

There are different aspects. The leaderboard can be though of as the methods competition, and due to the way you submit, your model and code will already be visible in gitlab. Additional evidence can be provided there as well in your code or notebook, to demonstrate that no information was leaked and your model is generalizable – especially if you used additional data.

The insights part of the challenge would require communicating your learnings. This could be in a jupyter notebook, or powerpoint, or however you would like. That should be submitted also in December - and also uploaded to gitlab. Finalists will present in January to our evaluation committee. I’ll post who this will consist of soon, but it will be a mix of AI, problem owners, and data strategy.