Any help for Malformed JSON provided in aicrowd.json error?

@yilun_jin @aicrowd_bot

i got submission failure message below.
Submission failed : Malformed JSON provided in aicrowd.json

and here is my json file
“challenge_id”: “amazon-kdd-cup-24-shopping-knowledge-reasoning”,
“authors”: [
“ps2575”, “100_heon”, “zinny”
“gpu”: true,
“description”: “ADSL from Soongsil Univ. We used LLaMA-3 8B instruct model with Unsloth Fine-tuning. We used 67300 length of dataset downloaded, merged, and edited for LLaMA-3 model.”

is there any problem with my file?

also, i aware of tagging the host of the competition… but i’m beginner of the this platforms…please help with that too…

I cannot locate your submission with this kind of information. You should find the issue of your submission, and @ me like this.

i tagged @yilun_jin on my submission issue.
Please check the issue and help me find solutions.