📝 Announcing Community Engagement Prizes!

:trophy: Community engagement prizes!

This challenge has improved a lot from when we launched it back in December. That is in no small part due to the incredible amount of engagement we have seen from all the participants. :raised_hands:

We are grateful for the community that has emerged around this challenge, and it is only worthwhile to recognise and reward the top contributors!

1 What are the prizes?

Some cool challenge swag coming your way!

  1. A personalised mug that will remind you of the challenge
  2. And a T-shirt to show off your participation in the challenge

2 How do I win one of these?

Various ways!

  1. Submitting exploratory analysis publicly on the challenge forum.
  2. Submitting runnable notebooks publicly for others to use.
  3. Submitting short articles or videos explaining the challenge and/or your solution
  4. Helping the community with submission tips
  5. Helping the community with their submissions (e.g. debugging code)
  6. Highlighting errors or inefficiencies in the templates to the organisers
  7. Highlighting errors or inefficiencies in the challenge overall to the organisers

These prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the organisers and the AIcrowd team.


The pricing game team