[Announcement!] MineRL version 0.1.18 released! (HUGE UPDATE :))

MineRL 0.1.18 Released! :heart:

Hey everyone! Another massive update for minerl is out. We are now on version 0.1.18 and the competition submissions are coming soon!
Don’t forget to upgrade!!!

pip3 install --upgrade minerl

In this update we did the following

  • Updating the tests and adding support for performance writing.

  • Closed an issue where minerl would suddenly get stuck on Treechop. (#87)

  • Fixed mobs not spawning in ObtainX environments (#87)

  • Started the ObtainX environments in daytime (#69)

  • Finished the final mechanisms (performance writing and a stable instance manager) needed to complete the competition quick-start and submission kit! Get excited this is coming soon!

  • Added ability to un-equip items

  • Added documentation for equip handler

  • Added camera command limits

  • Added demonstration of handlers in handler_test

  • Added profiling of data loader framework in data_speed_test

  • Added crafting of iron_pickaxe to handler_test
    Found error where agent spawns in the ground at the start of flat-world

  • Add ability to observe when agent has nothing equipped

  • Update documentation to reflect correct item name

  • Move tests into excluded until headless support is enabled