[Announcement] MineRL version 0.1.12 out!

Suuuuup! New version announcement minerl version 0.1.12 is out! We’ve implemented a bunch of new changes on the gym simulator side of things :slight_smile:

  • On windows, we’ve fixed an issue where the simulator would start retuning black POV observations if not stepped frequently!
  • We’ve enabled multiple-environments by running each instance of gym.make in a temporary directory!
  • There is a mode which enables the use of a remote isntance manager (this will be useful in the AIcrowd submissions in seperating the simulator from the agent thus preventing certain types of cheating)
  • We have supressed some annoying log messages and added more stability fixes!
  • We have fixed MineRLTreechop-v0 to reset the world map each time the environment is reset. Make sure to upgrade your package:
pip3 install --upgrade minerl

So stoked to be closing out some of these issues. Excited to finally get Minecraft working for the AI community :)))))