[Announcement] MineRL 0.2.0 + Baselines! UPDATE FOR FIXED DATA πŸ’―

MineRL 0.2.0 released!

HEY GAMERS! Excited to announce a HUGE update for minerl and the dataset UPGRADE FOR FIXED DATA!


The package is now on minerl-0.2.0, and we have released a new version of the dataset! To upgrade:

pip3 install --upgrade minerl

Then get the new dataset by running the following in python3!

import minerl

New in minerl-0.2.0:

# Make sure your MINERL_DATA_ROOT is set!
export MINERL_DATA_ROOT='/your/local/path'

# Visualizes a random trajectory 
python3 -m minerl.viewer MineRLObtainDiamondDense-v0
  • Fixes an issue where the camera values are outside the interval [-180, 180] (#66)
  • Fixes an issue where there were invalid enum fields in the craft actions (#67)
  • Fixes an issue where the compass angle of a demonstration in the navigate task was always non-positive. (#75)
  • Fixes an issue where NavigateExtremeDense-v0 had extreme rewads (#76)
  • Adds a suppressor for the BrokenPipe error in seq_iter (#83)
  • Deprecates seq_iter for a new function sarsd_iter which returns obs, act, reward, next_obs, is_next_done
  • Fixes an issue where trajectories would complete the challenge but additional frames would be in the data (#127)
  • Removes a corrupted data stream (tempting_capers_shapeshifter-14_…) (#130)
  • Fixes an issue with the data downloader where the read operation would time out (#131)
  • Adds resuming of downloads to the data downloader!
  • Fixes massive issue with data alignment!
  • Frames at the beginning of experiments with teleportation are (mostly) removed!
  • Fixes an issue where random rewards would appear during experiments (opening a furnace).


ChaineRL Baselines for Auxiliary Environments released!

The awesome folks over at PFN have released some initial baselines in their framework ChainerRL on some of the auxiliary envrionments (Treechop + Navigate)!

Check out their amazing work here!

They’ve released DDDQN, Rainbow, & PPO, and they solved MineRLTreechop! Feel free to ask them if you have any questions!

Note: when AIcrowd releases the competition submission and evaluation kit these baselines will be converted into that format an appear on the leaderboard. So check back for updates.


Hey! This looks awesome!! :heart_eyes:


We’re glad you think so! Excited for everyone to give it a go =)

Hi! Whats the size of new dataset? Capture

It went till 95GB when I left it to download last night. I thought something went wrong so started the download again, but it exceeded the 15.10GB mark again. What’s going on here?

Is it possible to give a direct download link?

Hmm this looks like an issue with the continuation after a failed download code - we will fix this asap. Meanwhile direct download is possible at https://router.sneakywines.me/minerl_v1/data_texture_0_low_res.tar.gz


If you delete your cache folder (/temp/pysmartdl) does this fix the issue?

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Yeah It fixed it. Thanks!

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@BrandonHoughton Any progress on this?

Now the chainerrl baselines do not use the dataset.
Will there be a version that use the dataset ? such as behaviour clone

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Just to update this thread - the downloading issue has been fixed! Chainer baselines will be released for the data soon - the Preferred Networks team is working hard to ensure the provided baselines are high quality