📢 [Announcement] Environment specific logic is not allowed


We have noticed that some submissions alter the control flow based on the environment name provided. This environment-specific logic is against the spirit of the competition. We expect the solutions to have a generic approach that works in the same way for all the environments. Any solution with environment-specific logic will be invalidated on manual code inspection.

Edit: Using the environment name to determine min/max rewards is fine.


hello@jyotish, as you said,

Will these submissions’ socres be re-evaluated? And reranking the learderboard?
Some teams in the warmup run used the forbidden marks, and got a ‘wonderful’ ranking in the leaderboard. It doesn’t matter.
However, in the first and second run, the scores and the ranking really maters. Thus, I think the submition using environment-specific logic with ‘wondeful’ ranking should re-evaluated, and the ‘wondeful’ ranking should be invalid.

Hello @lars12llt

Thanks for expressing your concerns. The submissions using environment specific logic won’t be considered at all for the leaderboard.

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One more thing I’d like to point out is the file size limit set for scraping, 30 MB is actually quite high given Impala baseline is only ~7 MB even with the optimizer state, without optimizer its ~3 MB I guess.

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ok, I was thinking of implementing some kind of environment-specific logic, I’m glad I read this before wasting my time!