[Announcement] Competition Launched!

Competition Launched!

We are excited to announce the beginning of the MineRL competition!
Documentation of the environment and accessing the data is available at http://www.minerl.io/docs/

This is the first ever publishing of the minerl package, so we are paying special attention to feedback from the community during this exploratory period. Please note bugs may be encountered. As a result submissions are not yet possible.

Through our generous partner Prefered Networks, we are working to release a set of benchmarks for the environment. A release date will be announced soon!

To get started with the environment and dataset please check out our quick start guide here!

Please refer to the docs first before directing any questions to the competition forum or discord server

To report bugs in the environment or dataset please use our Github issue tracker!

To play on our Minecraft server with the other competitors go to our play page!


We can’t wait for you all to get started!

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can not install with java 11?

No one has tried! You should let us know how it goes. Make sure you have the JDK installed not just the JRE