Am I allowed to join from Round 2?

Sorry if the answer to this is obvious but I’m not sure if I can participate starting round 2

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Neither was it clear to me. Would love to know.

Hello @robotichuman and @manuel

Unfortunately only participants who made it past the qualification threshold in round 1 will be able to participate in round 2. That being said, the round 2 version of the environment will be released publically, so I encourage you to experiment with it regardless, if you like.

Just to be sure we’re on the same page,

In order to move onto Round 2, an Agent must be able to reach an average score of 5 in Round 1.

means everybody from the leaderboard round 1, starting with position 65 (score 5.901), has passed to round 2?

Up to 50 teams are allowed to participate in Round 2.

You can read the official rules here.

In Section 6,
“Step 4. Pursuant to Section 11, up to 50 Teams from Round 1 will win the option to move onto Round 2 (“Finalists”).”

Thanks for the link! I’m a bit confused, “Evaluation Criteria” on the main page doesn’t have this important information. Targeting the only requirement “score of 5”, I didn’t try to get a high position on the round 1 leaderboard.

@arthurj could you please clarify which participants have passed to round 2?

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I believe the score of 5 is the minimum requirement to prevent a case where there are less than 50 serious participants, (e.g. if 40th place and below have score of 0) which was the case before the deadline extension.

Also, the “score” in that context is the floor level, not the reward. (This also can be found in Section 11) So you need to get higher than 5 in terms of “Mean number of Floors” but seems like you only scored 4.8… won’t hurt to confirm with the host though.

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thank you @hanschoi86, it’s clear now

The finalists are declared here

I’ve done test submission and the result is on the leaderboard round 2. Why I have access to it?

As @Leckofunny has pointed out, only the participants listed here will pass on to Round 2:

The AICrowd submission system allows anyone with a score above 5 to submit to the leaderboards for Round 2, but only those on the list in the blog are eligible for the top 3 prizes.

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thanks @arthurj, glad to hear i still can submit to the leaderboard