Alternative download mirror for MUSDB18-HQ

Zenodo is hit or miss. Today, I can’t get anything above 20kbps - as a result, I won’t be able to download MUSDB18-HQ feasibly any time this week or month.

(luckily I already have a copy that I used for the competition. I just wanted to redownload it on a different computer)

Can researchers consider hosting MUSDB18-HQ in a more accessible location? I don’t understand how a 21GB file is difficult to download in 2021. Just throw it in an S3 bucket somewhere. (I wouldn’t because I don’t want to violate copyrights or attribution etc.)

I’m sorry, that you are having such a bad experience with zenodo. I just tested the download and I get around 2 Mb/s, so if there was an issue, it has been solved.

sigsep/musdb18 is a community effort. We have to rely on free services, if you know a better suited alternative than zenodo, please let me know. We tried also with little success…

My tone was probably more rude than necessary - sorry about that. I checked with some friends who reported 1000-4000kbps, so closer to what you got.

Perhaps I was having bad luck the other day.

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We appreciate your feedback! If these problems would have happened in the beginning of the competition we would have tried to find an alternative mirror - but I guess everyone managed to get a copy now :wink:

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