AlgorithmError: Exit Code: 2 during rollout

I got this error in one of the rollouts in submission hash 6a2569a4c068d1a79828eee98eda7f1b746e9f49. Is there any way to find out what the error was? The other rollouts finished fine.

Hello @jurgisp

We do not expose the logs during rollouts to avoid data leaks (information on seeds, etc.,). You can tag @aicrowd-bot on the issue page for an excerpt of the logs during rollouts.

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Hi @jyotish, got the same error again 6a2569a4c068d1a79828eee98eda7f1b746e9f49.

Sorry for spamming here in the forum, but when I tag @aicrowd-bot in the issue (which I did yesterday), I don’t get a reply.