Aicrowd-repo2docker error

I don’t know why but suddenly I’m getting this error.

./ 3: ./ aicrowd-repo2docker: not found

It’s weird since when I just type aicrowd-repo2docker in terminal, it works, meaning $PATH isn’t the problem. Any leads?

@hanschoi86: Did you do pip install -U aicrowd-repo2docker ?

Yeah, but not sure why it’s happening. But it’s working in another environment so I’ll just use that. Thanks!

@hanschoi86: But if you can deterministically replicate this, I think I would be curious to figure out exactly whats happening. We can the discussion to PM, and when (if ? :wink:) we can post an update here.

Hmm, not sure if I can deterministically replicate this, it just stopped working on my desktop after some time but starting up a new VM makes it work. I’ll definitely post if I get any further leads.