AIcrowd Blitz ⚡- May 2020

AIcrowd is excited to announce the launch of AIcrowd Blitz :zap:- our fortnight-long marathon of interesting AI puzzles :tada:.

Whether you are an AI veteran or someone who is just finding feet in the world of ML and AI, there is something for each one of you. And did we mention there are some cash prizes up for grabs too !! :moneybag:

Our problems have always been intriguing and this time would be no exception. So put on that puzzle hat :tophat: and join us in this marathon.

What :zap:: AIcrowd Blitz

When :spiral_calendar:: 2nd May’20 17:00 CEST - 16th May’20 17:00 CEST

:muscle: Challenge Page:

Sneak Peek :face_with_monocle:: We have taken some of the classic ML problems and given it a flavor of our own.