AI Tags - how to correctly indicate the methods you use in a submission?

‘’‘The top three teams in the final round which use a reinforcement learning approach for their winning submission will be awarded one travel grant each.’’’

So how are other machine learning models treated?

Is a hybrid of reinforcement learning and some form of heuristics still in the reinforcement learning category?

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Hey @AntiSquid, sorry for the delay.

Yes, a hybrid solution using reinforcement learning and some form of heuristics would still fit in the RL category. If the heuristics involve some heavy planning, it should be tagged as RL + OR, which still makes the submission applicable for the RL prizes.

Any approach which includes RL in a meaningful way will be considered for RL prizes.

The final decision will be taken by the organizers. If you are not sure if a specific method would be considered as RL or not, feel free to reach out to us using a private channel of communication with a small description of your approach.

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Repeating the above that newcomers may have missed:

You can select multiple tags out of “RL”, “OR” and “other” (case sensitive!) in your aicrowd.json files.

If your submission combines RL with OR, you should tag it "tags": ["RL", "OR"] and it will show up on the leaderboard as “RL + OR”.

A solution that combines RL and OR, using RL in a meaningful way, will be considered for RL prizes.

You could use “other” for example if you use evolution strategies, or some other method not generally considered as either OR or RL