🚨 AI Blitz⚡ XI [Challenge Launch]

BLITZ XI IS HERE! :rocket:

:red_car: Self-driving cars are the talk of the town right now! With Waymo One and Alibaba AutoX, they are no longer sci-fi elements but part of our reality.

Blitz XI will unravel the inner-working and AI challenges of this technology masterpiece. With the help of our starter kits and notebooks, you can learn and excel at object detection & image segmentation in only three weeks. Compete by yourself or in a team and stand a chance to win from the $400 USD cash prize pool.

:sparkles: So what’s in store for Blitz XI?

Blitz XI includes 5 computer vision puzzles tackling various challenges associated with making an autonomous car work.

  1. Obstacle Prediction you will be tasked with predicting moving objects with the help of radar data. :hammer_and_wrench: Starter kit

  2. Lidar Car Detection Given 3D LiDar data points, predict how many cars are around your self-driving vehicle. :hammer_and_wrench: Starter kit

  3. Environment Classification, you will be tasked with classifying the weather conditions of the input images. :hammer_and_wrench: Starter kit

  4. Object Detection With radar data from your car, can you detect different vehicles around you? :hammer_and_wrench: Starter kit

  5. Scene Segmentation, is to help self-driving cars to make better decisions by separating various elements like lanes, people, roads and buildings from one another. For this puzzle, your task is to segment the scene of the input image. :hammer_and_wrench: Starter kit

With easy-to-understand starter code-kits and active troubleshooting by the AIcrowd community, you can make your first submission in 15-minutes. In true Blitz fashion, we have a cash prize pool worth $400 USD.

Click Here to view all the AI puzzles. :rocket:

Friendly Reminder

  1. Find teammates for this challenge over here.

  2. We have a $200 Community Contributor prize pool, click here to know more & participate.

  3. The top two entries on the leaderboard will win $100 each! Click here to check out the leaderboard.

For any other questions or queries, drop a comment and we’ll get back to you! :grin:

Let’s Blitz It! :rocket: