AI Blitz 9⚑️2 Weeks To Go 🚨 Resource Round-up

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The response for AI Blitz 9 has been wonderful. We are only halfway through the competition and have seen over 600 submissions from 160+ participants. Kudos to you all!

To keep up the momentum and help you all, here is a list of all resources and handy links that can help you make and improve your submission. As always, if you have any doubts or get stuck on a problem, comment on this post or tweet us @AIcrowdHQ!

AI Blitz 9 :speech_balloon: Hello NLP

:spiral_calendar: Deadline: 30th June 2021 | 11:30 PM UTC
:trophy: $400 cash prize pool for Leaderboard Winners & Community Contribution Winners

:woman_technologist:t4: Stuck on a puzzle or don’t know where to start?
:point_right:t2: Have you checked out our easy-2-follow code notebooks?

With an explanation of concepts, detailed breakdown of the dataset, libraries and all the required tools – our starter code-kits ensure you can make a submission in 15-minutes.

  1. Emotion Detection Using SpaCy (in-depth code)
  2. Research Paper Classification using LSTM
  3. De-scrambling Text Using Transformers
  4. NLP Feature Engineering
  5. Sound Prediction

:woman_firefighter:t3: We heard some of you were facing issues while submitting for NLP Feature Engineering puzzle. Read this post to make sure your submission is successful!

:notebook: 2 x $100 USD Community Contribution Prizes are live!
Explain your solution to the community in your own creative way and stand a chance to win from the $200 USD cash prize pool.

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