Advanced Baseline for RL task NeurIPS 2022 IGLU

Hi, I have some problems with running advanced baseline for NeurIPS 2022 RL task. Is there any workable solution to make submission with this baseline? Main problem is launching script described in cause of EGL. I can’t run it on mac/Windows or docker. I used the docker from gridworld.

RL Starter kit has the same problems.

Main problem is
File "/opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyglet/gl/", line 134, in __init__ raise gl.ContextException('Could not create GL context') Could not create GL context

I saw the known issues in gridworld repository:


But I ran it and nothing happened.

Maybe somebody know how to overcome this problem?

For the benefit of others stumbling on this post. There’s an active discussion about this issue on our Slack where a potential workaround has been suggested.