Action logs for submissions

Hi Everyone,

We’re releasing action logs for all recent submissions and a few older ones, this should help you debug any problems that the neural net may give wrong actions for when facing lighting glare or other artifacts that are not present in the simulator.

Look for a link on your submissions page that says “Real world action logs”. It will contain videos of the runs and csv files of actions provided by your models. The frame number is provided to find the corresponding images in the videos.

Since we added this late, all submissions do not have these logs, this is the list of the submissions that currently should have the links. However, if you’d like logs for a particular submission, let us know as soon as possible.

 '165896': 'Zhang_Heng_Rui_',
 '165852': 'norest',
 '165918': 'wudiymy',
 '165929': 'BEIC1',
 '165718': 'kinzess',
 '165745': 'Zhang_Heng_Rui_',
 '165539': 'nicholas_liu',
 '165734': 'unnikrishnan.r',
 '165705': 'norest',
 '165905': 'azam_kamranian',
 '165685': 'ijeonghun',
 '165849': 'azam_kamranian',
 '165866': 'Zhang_Heng_Rui_',
 '165657': 'BEIC1',
 '165581': 'wudiymy',
 '165763': 'wudiymy',
 '165764': 'wudiymy',
 '165765': 'unnikrishnan.r',
 '165930': 'unnikrishnan.r',
 '165796': 'Zhang_Heng_Rui_',
 '165889': 'ysuzuki'

All the best, Happy Deepracing. :racing_car: