About the submission content


There are two things I want to make clear about the submission rule, both of which are about Round 1:

  1. In the training phase, we are required to submit the trained model for evaluating, so do we need to submit the test.py for doing the inference? Because I didn’t find any document describing the submitted model’s input/output rule.
  2. In the evaluation phase, we are required to submit the code for retraining. So should our code structure be EXACTLY like the ones in the StartKit? Is it ok to include more scripts in the case that my training logic is too much to be contained only in train.py?



Same Problem, we can wait for the official response…

Same problem. Can the organisers just confirm that we are allowed other folders than those stated in the starter kit, ie. another folder containing all the code for our submission that is then interfaced / called from train.py and test.py