About the AMLD 2020 - Transfer Learning for International Crisis Response

AMLD 2020 - Transfer Learning for International Crisis Response

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I’ve made my first submission to the AMLD 2020 - TransferLearning Challenge, but I get an error I do not understand…
I submit a csv file with 5786 entries (and colums ‘id’ and ‘predicted_label’),which does follow expected format, but I get an error :
0.000 Error : Submission row counts mismatch!!

Could you please help ?
Could you confirm there are indeed 5786 entries expected in csv ?


Hi @PierreVI could you please confirm there are no empty rows/lines in your submitted csv?

Hi @bewakes,
Yes indeed there were no empty lines.
I’ve discussed with @akshatcx and the issue was within the system, and has been solved (thanks !)
So I published it again and it worked.

Btw, is the leaderboard sorted ? Because my score is 0.79, so I don’t understand why it is after the first one, which is 0.15 (target score being 1)

Thanks, have a great day,


The leaderboard seems to be sorted, but somehow in the ascending/descending order, it is ranking failed submissions higher than the passing submissions. I’ll have a look at it.

It is fixed now. The leaderboard shows only the correct submissions. In submissions page, you can see all of the submissions.

Indeed ! Thanks a lot !

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