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Where can i see my submissions?

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Hi Victorkras2008
You can see your submission under tab called “Submissions”.

Mosquito Alert Challenge Team

The submission page is hidden, we can’t access the submissions tab

Yes, there’s a bug here. I can’t see the tab and the page I land on after submitting something is empty:

I tried making subs, I saw “submission accepted” on top of the page, and I can not see myself on leaderboard, is there any solution to this bug?

I clicked on “create team” and I am now on LB, still can not see past submissions or how much current sub is scoring

@harshitsheoran for the stats on current sub you should be able to click on the “View” button next to the submission trend on the leader board. About past submissions you are right, those are missing. In another competition it was possible to see them.

Hello Everybody.

The “Submissions” tab was indeed hidden, my apologises. It is now visible to the participants, so each of you should be able to see the “Submissions” tab. You can use available filter “My submissions” to be able to see your own submissions. Hope that helps.

Mosquito Alert Challenge Team