About row['players'] in run.py

so what I noticed is that len(row[‘players’]) returns the size of row[‘players’] as an entire string instead of considering it as a list (because it’s not exactly a list but rather a string when inside row[‘players’] I understand) but in the
“out” function it is checked if len of coords == len of row[‘players’].
I did not understand why it has been implemented as such because even if i passed coords as a string , there is a possibility that the transformed coords (coords in this case) might not have exactly the same number of digits as the player coords (player in this case) and thus the length will not match and still provide an error even though the transformed coords have the same len as the player coords.
so can we make changes in the out function if needed ?

@thahmidulislamnafi Yes you can make any changes needed in the skeleton it was provided just to speed up development for challenge participants. You can use any setup / language you like.

row['players'] = json.loads(row['players']) should resolve the issue.

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