3-Day Extension of Workshop Paper Submission Deadline

Dear KDD Cup Participants,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation in the Amazon KDD Cup competition. Your presence has made it a truly remarkable event.

Considering the significance of your work and to ensure that you have ample time to refine your submission, we have decided to extend the deadline for workshop paper submissions by three days. The new deadline is July 23rd (Anywhere on Earth). We hope that this extension will allow you to invest more time in perfecting your submissions and showcase your innovative ideas.

In addition, we are delighted to inform you that our dataset paper ([2307.09688] Amazon-M2: A Multilingual Multi-locale Shopping Session Dataset for Recommendation and Text Generation), which provides comprehensive details about the datasets and includes a simple baseline comparison, has been published on ArXiv. We highly recommend that all participants take the time to read our paper, as it can provide valuable insights for your submissions.

Thank you again for your dedication and enthusiasm. We eagerly await your innovative solutions.

Amazon KDD Cup Team

@snehananavati @aicrowd-bot

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