10 Test Topics link


I’m trying to access the link of the 10 test topics and it’s shows a “Page not found The requested page “/system/files/ImageCLEF2020-test-topics.pdf” could not be found.”.

How can I download the 10 test topics?

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Ricardo Ribeiro

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cc: @Ivan_Eggel for looking into it.

The page referred above is: https://www.imageclef.org/system/files/ImageCLEF2020-test-topics.pdf

And the link is present in overview section here: https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/imageclef-2020-lifelog-lmrt#topics-and%20ground%20truth%20release

10 test topics for LMRT Tasks are released under this link.

I am only responsible for the technical side. I will forward this to the responsible person who will reply here.

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Hi Shivam,

I have just updated the link. Can you please check if you can access it?

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Hi, it works now! :smiley: