Which models are considered for the final evaluations

Are all our submitted models evaluated for the final score ? Or only our best model at the end of round 2? In other word, can submitting too many models (and in particular one with the best score on the 18 songs) can end up being detrimental to the final score.

Hello @defossez,

first of all it’s great to see all your effort and submissions for this competition :slight_smile: This is great.

About your question: All your submissions are evaluated also on the full dataset and the best score will end-up in the final leaderboard. Hence, there shouldn’t be the problem that you described.

@shivam Can you please verify that this is correct.

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Hello Stefan,
Thank you for the kind words, and thanks a lot for the organisation! It is definitely a great environment to push the limit, had it been for a paper, I would have stopped sooner.

Thanks for the clarification, and let see if @shivam confirms.

Best regards

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Hi @defossez,

Yes, I can confirm that the information @StefanUhlich mentioned is correct. :raised_hands:

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