What is the hardware configuration of online machine for research track?

According to rules, model will be retrain online in 4 days for research track. What is the hardware configuration(cpus, gpus) of machines used for retrain? Is there any per step time limit for evaluation and what is the hardware configuration(cpus, gpus) used for evaluation? Thanks for your reply.

Hey. The Round 2 systems are Azure NC6 instances. There is no per-step limit. The only limits are the number of samples you can read from the live environments (8M) and the wall-clock time (4 days).

Thanks for your replay. Is there per-step limit during evaluation?

Nope, no per-step limitations. I would recommend that the MineRL environment will work if you have very long delays between step calls (it should not matter, but easier to check locally than on the evaluation server :slight_smile: )