What did you get so far?

I guess you guys haven’t been able to defeat the random purchase :wink:

My experiment showed that 10K purchase is only a little bit better than 3K random purchase (https://www.aicrowd.com/showcase/exploration-random-purchase-vs-full-purchase). So, it is super hard to beat the random purchase.


  1. The new link is https://www.aicrowd.com/showcase/baseline-exploration-random-purchase-vs-full-purchase
  2. The same code is included in my baseline

Files · submission-v0p1p5 · moto / data-purchasing-hello · GitLab


I just turned on my PC, you guys are so fast…


Guys in the LB are fast but not me. I still need to understand how to submit.

Same here, still trying to figure out how to plug something without breaking everything!

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@moto, @santiactis:

I am sorry to hear it. :scream:
Let’s do an office hour this week for common questions and any debugging help you all need?
(obviously you can share them in Discourse/Discord async everytime already)

In case you have any more suggestions for us, we are all ears. :ear: