What baselines are coming up?

What baselines for MDX (A,B,C) and CDX (A,B) will be published during the challenge?

Hello @alina_porechina, during our town hall on Saturday, we announced the following upcoming baselines for the MDX track:

For the CDX track, there is now one new model from MERL that was trained with the SDR loss - please see here: GitHub - merlresearch/cocktail-fork-separation: Baseline multi-resolution cross network model trained using the Divide and Remaster Dataset

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Thanks. Can you please post the entire presentation from town hall?

AIcrowd will do this (and also upload the video to YouTube), right @snehananavati ?

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I’ll be posting the youtube link and presentations in a separate post but you can find the townhall recording over here: 🎷 Sound Demixing Challenge Townhall 2023 | How To Perform Audio Source Separation for Music & Movies - YouTube and the presentation slide deck over here.

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I have just released the two Demucs baselnes for the bleeding and labelnoise sub challenges. You can checkout this repo to get started: GitHub - adefossez/sdx23: SDX23 startkit for the Demucs baselines.

On the labelnoise, the baseline is at 5dB overall, ranking third currently. Eval is still running for the bleeding.