Welcome to the Aircraft Localization Competition

Hi all,

My name is Martin Strohmeier, I’m working at the Swiss Cyber-Defence Campus and am also responsible for research at the OpenSky Network.

We are super excited to team up with AIcrowd for this challenge, which has been a big open issue in the crowdsourcing and aircraft communications space. I’ve been working on air traffic communication for a while (mostly on security and privacy) and will try to answer any questions that come up along with several colleagues who have helped to prepare this competition over almost 2 years now.

As a starting point I would suggest to look at our extensive documentation here: https://competition.opensky-network.org/documentation.html

We are all really looking forward to seeing what you will come up with and whether traditional algorithmic solution will prevail over new and fancy machine learning stuff!



The baseline code for getting started with the competition seems to be written in R in the below link :

is the same available in Python?



Sadly, no. I wouldn’t call it a baseline code, though. It’s more about data exploration and providing an understanding of the data.