Welcome to AI Blitz 9 ⚡️ Hello NLP 💬

AI Blitz 9 :zap: Hello NLP is all about exciting problems in Natural Language Processing! :calling:

If you want to learn NLP and tackle problems in real-time, this is the challenge for you!

With easy-to-understand starter code-kits and active troubleshooting by the AIcrowd community, you can make your first submission in 15-minutes. In true Blitz fashion, we have a cash prize pool worth $400 USD.

Click Here to view all the AI puzzles. :speech_balloon:

Friendly Reminder

  1. Find teammates for this challenge over here.
  2. We have a $200 Community Contributor prize pool, click here to know more & participate.
  3. The top two entries on the leaderboard will win $100 each! Click here to check out the leaderboard.

For any other questions or queries, drop a comment and we’ll get back to you! :blush:

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