Values in new heatmap changed between sunday and today?

Hi @alfarzan
Could it be that the values in the new heatmap (claim size vs claim made by policy won) changed from Sunday? :slight_smile: we are sure we saw other values on Sunday when the leaderboard was published …

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We noticed a small error in the way the heatmaps were being computed and so had to push a sneaky update to them all last night. They are all now correct :slight_smile:

Good spot… but I have to say I don’t like what the new one is telling me!

A potential silver lining is that… maybe in my model I have found a way of identifying all the policies with large claims… now all I need to do is stop writing them! :thinking:


Mine were split 50:50 between ‘often’ and ‘sometimes’ so there may have only been 2 or 4 large claims. Interesting to know if anyone had a lower resolution than 50% in that column.
Also… no team had a total profit larger than a single claim of max size, so there is obviously a lot of luck involved in the pricing leaderboard as well as the RMSE leaderboard.

Agree - even though you got eventually a 15% market share…it is not only luck, or at least you had a decent portfolio size to manage volatility…
… we, on the contrary, got only 2% of market share … and to arrive 7th place was quite lucky to be fair :wink: